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Advanced Digital Black & White Photography

Digital cameras may capture colour images, but many photographers love black and whites unique graphic qualities. A growing number have never owned a film camera but see in black and white and sense there must be more to it than simply throwing away the colour in Photoshop. While many books cater for both ambitious newcomers and advanced darkroom enthusiasts, black and white is too often treated as an afterthought. Its relegated to a few pages and outmoded techniques, and never explains how the special character of the black-and-white image affects how you work on the digital image. Advanced Digital Black and White Photography works at the frontier of black-andwhite photography and digital imaging techniques. After learning the best ways to make the picture black and white, the reader learns advanced methods of fine tonal control, how to fine-tune the monochrome image, and how to emphasize the subjects qualities. Suitable for beginners and experienced Photoshop workers, with both quick solutions and methods for finer control, this book places technique in a monochrome context and lets you produce the finest, most expressive blackand- white interpretation of the picture. John Beardsworth is a Londonbased photographer with a wealth of experience shooting both digitally and on film. His pictures have appeared in a number of photography books and magazines. He is the author of Step-by-Step Digital Black and White Photography, Photoshop Blending Modes Cookbook for Digital Photographers, and Photoshop Fine Art Cookbook, also published by Ilex.

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